Ndi-Imo are watching with utter dismay and disbelief how our scarce resources is wasted every now and then on the purchase of spurious endorsements and awards by the outgoing administration all in a bid for tenure renewal.

As that was not enough, over ONE Million United States Dollars has been spent in the last two months on the sponsorship of Christian and Muslims to pilgrimage to Israel and Mecca respectively.  This is against the backdrop of economic challenges facing the state. A state that has not attracted any Direct Foreign Investment since coming into office. Salaries of workers not paid regularly, most of them tagged ” Ghost Workers. Pensioners paid half of their monthly pensions. Yet, sees the sponsorship of pilgrims as priority project.

Our state has a challenge with its fiscal management.

As at today, our external debts are over 84 million Dollars and 206 billion Naira domestic debts. The Senator Uzodinma led government is not worried that the state’s Internally Generated Revenue IGR for the first quarter this year was 3 billion Naira against the projected revenue of 21 billion Naira. If this ugly situation is not giving the state government sleepless nights, it is giving us.

Senator   Uzodinma has not gotten the courage to inform Ndi-Imo that out of the 94.5 billion Naira capital out lay for the first quarter for capital projects only 9 billion Naira was released. Perhaps, this informed the non-completion of Nekede/FUTO road hurriedly commissioned by the out gone President over 3 years ago. Despite the huge sums spent on the so-called balloon technology.  If it rains, Chukwuma Nwoha Junction becomes impassable because of poor finishing. Works not commenced on internal roads in the metropolis.

The Governor is giving attention on the federal government roads where he will be given refunds while he embarks on spending spree on self-serving programs that will not add value to the overall development of the state.

We of Senator Achonu Campaign Council is challenging the APC led regime to fault us on these issues.

Asking our people to come to their polling boots with their voters’ cards for capturing for the so called ” social welfare benefit’ is nothing but another *_Bubu yaaya_* to manipulate the November 11 election. What about the so-called economic empowerment program of 250,000 Imo youths with 250,000 Naira each? How many were actually reached? Another fallacy from the present administration.

Another *_Bubu yaaya_* is the employment of 10, 000 teachers. Government that derives joy in striving on deceit and self-delusions. The total number of teachers in the state school system is far below that figure. Are you building new schools to engage them?

At the centre, the APC led federal government withdrew subsidy on PMS and increased electricity tariff by 50% without putting the necessary stop gaps to alleviate the hardship on the poor masses.

The emergence of distinguished Senator Achonu at this critical period is a welcomed development. It is not a coincidence that he is coming when the 3rd force is birthed.

The Obedient, piloted by H.E Peter Obi and it’s attendant volcanic eruptions.

Ndi-Imo as Obedient philosophers are going to break out from the yesterday’s thinking and embark on a Bold new course for the future. Time has come for us to stop electing leaders who do not have the idea on how to provide meaningful development is now.

Thank goodness, any election result that is not BVAs compliant is dead in arrival.

Senator Achonu is coming to bring this charade of ill-equipped leadership to an end. His policies and programs will be people centred. When elected, he will assemble tested hands who will think outside the box to recreate the state known for their _IBU Anyi Ndanda spirit, secured environment again where social and economic life will boom again.

What have we gained from the chairmanship of APC and South East Governors Forums?

All the south East could get is the mere 7th position of Deputy Speakership which went to Abia state.

No Easterner is found worthy to be among the ” kitchen’ cabinet. Succinctly put, all these *_*Gbaasa Gbasa_** at the national level is not yielding us any dividend but rather depletes our hard-earned resources. Obviously speaking, the hood does not make the monk.

From Senator Athan Achonu Governorship Campaign Council.