Before I delve into this introductory piece proper, May I sincerely congratulate our principal, openly distinguished Senator Athan Nneji Achonu (Ikemba,Okigwe)_ for his victory at the party primary,  it is victory for all the aspirants and party faithfuls. Kudos to H.E, Dr Alex Otti for giving us credible gubernatorial primary election.

Having said that, let me go into the main issue. The birthing of Senator Achonu’s candidacy and the much-needed 3rd Force within 9 Months of the emergence of Mr Peter Obi as the presidential flag bearer of Labour partyis very timely and applaudable. The political consciousness of our people has been woken up. The status quo and political permutations have been defiled. Senator Achonu, as one of the apostles of the new Nigerian movement has come to change the ugly narratives of poor, corrupt, visionless and ill-equipped political leadership in the state.

It is a sad commentary that no Nigerian leader has won the most prized M. O IBRAHIM Leadership prize in Africa since its inception over three decades ago. IMO state is not exempted from this rot. Could you believe it, that no single Direct Foreign Investments have come into the state in the last three years. Youth unemployment, is the second highest in the Country, Poverty level soaring by the day. Source: Federal Office of Statistics.

How would our revered Dee Sam Mbakwe feel from Gods bosom that his beloved state is bedeviled with unprecedented security challenges. That our youths are butchered every day and properties destroyed without qualms. That the once sort out Five Star Concorde hotel he built and others privately built are nowadays empty because of insecurity. Businesses at very low turn. Our domestic and foreign debt profile is one of the highest in the Country.

World Bank projected our state as the 7 largest in the country. This will remain a mere projection if effective political leadership is not put in place come November this year.

Ndi IMO, cry no more because our listening God has thrown up Senator Achonu to give us a new lease of life. This Business Mogul is coming into the race with rich history of accomplishments from the private sector. His mission is to build a new IMO state where the rule of law, security of lives and properties shall be of high priority. He is coming to build a society where opportunities are brought within the reach of our people. Within his first four years in office, he shall put the economy of our state on a sound pedestal anchored on sustainable economic enablers.

This submission will be followed with his detailed Blue Print.

Which is not the usual stereotype sloganeering and antics that Nigerian politicians parade during elections. Indeed, AKU RUO ULO exponent, Senator Achonu has sufficiently prepared himself for this onerous task of making our state work again.


Senator Athan Nneji Achonu Media Team.