Unarguably, Senator Athan Nneji Achonu has become very visible in the state nay
Nigeria before making forays into partisan politics. He is a serial investor who has
given gainful jobs to hundreds of people in the various fields of human endeavour.
His pro-people and pro-poor nature largely informed his coming up with this
innovation named AKU RUO ULO…

This mantra is not a political kite but a calculated strategy to encourage our people
who have the wherewithal to THINK HOME & INVEST HOME, because there is
no place like home. No state or polity can achieve meaningful socio-economic
progress if the government is left alone to do everything without input from her

Simply put, AKU RUO ULO is Senator Achonu’s way of stimulating the private
sector contributions to the overall development of the state. Numo Farms, a mult-million naira Agro-Business and Numo Micro Finance Bank he established in
Ehime Mbano, his nativity, is a typical demonstration of this innovation. Hundreds
of people have been lifted out of poverty through these investments.
Senator Achonu believes that if the government creates the conducive environment
and directions, the citizenry will hook into good policies which will provide the
much needed socio-political attainment. Insecurity, youth restiveness and poverty
will be reduced to its nearest minimum if we embrace this mantra in the South
East. This innovation is already at work in our sister state, Anambra. Large
industrial concerns such as the Innoson Motors Ltd, Ibeto Petro Chemical
Industries, Cutix Cables, Coscharis Farms providing the largest and most modern
Cattle Ranch and Rice Farms in West Africa among numerous others is an “AKU
RUO ULO” at play. This innovation is the centre piece of his Manifesto which will soon be unveiled to the public.

This is an indicator that the Labour Party flag bearer will run a human cantered
approach to governance. People driven, participatory, integrated, need based and
doable development paradigm. Imo State has a wealth of natural resources, Crude
Oil, largest Gas Reserve in Nigeria, Arable land, good topography and highly
educated citizenry. Senator Achonu is aware of all these and therefore, will work
with our very best irrespective of political leanings in order to ensure we leverage
on it. It is the American Billionaire Waren Buffet who once said,” Life is not about
the value we seek. It is the value we stand for “. Senator Athan Achonu, Ikemba,
Okigwe has the consuming passion to lift the poor from the ground zero to
greatness. A great philanthropist who does not grandstand.

Within the first year in office, he will ensure that the Dee Sam Mbakwe International
Cargo Airport is fully functional, new industrial zone created with its attendant
housing facilities put in place. Surely, this will attract private investments by our
people. With the Onitsha seaport already completed and large vessels coming in,
no other auspicious time to bring development back to our demography than now.

Finally, to our opponents and teeming Imolites our principal’s approach to
electioneering and campaigns will be new vista to electoral conduct in the state. Issues based and decorous.

*Mr. Emeka Ogaraku*