By Sam. Onwuemeodo.


Emeka lhedioha is my brother. Let me add, in whom l am well pleased. We are from the same kindred.  Arunta or Aronta, Mbutu. l was born to meet Arunta.  Later, l began to see Aronta. Whichever one, all things bright and beautiful, God made them all. Arunta or Aronta, Mbutu, in Aboh Mbaise local government.

But our brotherhood has gotten k-leg since 2003. Politics created the lacuna or hiatus in the brotherhood.  Otherwise, when l saw and read his letter, withdrawing from the Peoples Democratic Party’s governorship Primary for the November poll in lmo, the previous day, l would have called, to ask him what happened? What really happened? What’s, the matter? What had gone amiss? And he would have told me, as the case might be. He would have spoken to me, either in the full or in part.

incidentally, l didn’t have the moral justification to call him to find out what prompted or occasioned or warranted or necessitated his action. Perhaps, he would have also hinted me on what he intended to do, before doing it if all was well between us. But he could not have done that, against the backdrop of our political difference.

A man, l have never supported his politics, either in the primaries or in the elections proper, since 2003, l would not have called in 2023 to ask him any question concerning his political action. My intention would be doubtful. Doing so would be suspicious and somewhat annoying. We have been at two extremes, And principally on principle. No other issue. He represents “Britain”.  l represent “America”.

The reason l could not call to ask him why the sudden withdrawal from a contest he was seen as a major contender. And to some, as the man to beat or to watch closely.

l say this. l don’t believe that the lhedioha l know, just woke up one morning and decided to withdraw from the lmo PDP guber primary for the November 2023 governorship election in the State just for the sake of doing so.  Something must be “fishing”. Something is happening. I may be wrong. But l have every reason to believe so. That, there could be action within action.

l had seen the reasons he gave for his action. l do not doubt him. But l won’t swallow those reasons hook line and sinker. l won’t sleep on them with my two eyes closed. l would rather sleep on them with one of my eyes open. No politician tells the whole story when an interest is involved. They would prefer to tell you what you would like to hear. The name of one tailor in my area is “Time will tell”.

Let me do a commentary:  “Odegbami dribbles Samuel Etoh, Passes the ball to Chidi Nwanu, Nwanu plays a long one, Christian Chukwu holds the ball. He passes to Yekini. He heads the ball to no one in particular, oh, lhedioha gets the ball. Ihedioha moves to the goal post of opponents, would he score a goal or will he play over the net or over the bar, time will tell”. All l know is that, “no smoke without fire”. A toad does not run in the day time for nothing. Something must be responsible.

lf at the end of the day, lhedioha’s reasons for quiting the 2023 lmo PDP governorship Primary remain as they are, l would only breathe in and also breathe out. Whatever is the case or whatever will be the case, the guy has lost nothing and won’t lose anything.

ln case he does not know, he has political record no other lmo man or woman, dead or alive, has. He deserves Cow-tail. l would have said cow-head. lt is always cumbersome to prepare cow-head, but easier to prepare cow-tail. ” Sharp, sharp”.

ln 2003, he ran for the PDP primary, for Aboh Mbaise/ Ngor Okpala federal Constituency and won. He went ahead to win the main election. He was Chairman, Marine Transport Committee of the Green Chambers of the National Assembly. Marine Transport Committee is Grade A outfit.

ln 2007, he again won the PDP primary for the same Aboh Mbaise/ Ngor Okpala federal Constituency.  And also won the election proper. He became the Chief Whip.

ln 2011, he won the Party’s Primary for the same federal Constituency, for the third time and equally won the main election, also for the third time. He was elected the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. He later became the Speaker, when Aminu Tambuwal moved to become the governor of Sokoto State. lhedioha holds the National Honour of CON.

ln 2015, the same lhedioha won the governorship Primary of the PDP for lmo guber election. He showed strength in that election. Although, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who ran as an incumbent on the platform of APC, defeated him.

ln 2019, he again won the PDP primary for the governorship election. He won. The man l supported, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu of Action Alliance, came second. The Supreme Court cut shot lhedioha’s stay as lmo Governor. He was only about eight months in office.

ln other words, lhedioha had won PDP primaries three times for House of Representatives. And also won the three elections, 2003, 2007 and 2011.

He had also won the Party’s Primaries for the governorship of the state two times and won one out of the two. This is not a joke.  Not a tea party.

Sam. Mbakwe was governor. But was not a member of the National Assembly. Arthur Nzeribe was in the Senate.  He was not a principal officer. He was not governor.  Evans Enwerem was in the Senate only once and was Senate president. Then, governor.

Achike Udenwa was governor for two terms.  And then, Minister. He was not in the National Assembly. Ikedi Ohakim was governor. Rochas Okorocha was two term governor and now Senator. Not a principal officer. Hope Uzodinma was Senator and not a principal officer. Today, he is governor. ln all, none of them had won more primaries and elections than lhedioha. He has that record.

lf he decides to have a break in 2023, following his letter, at least, on the face value, that does not diminish his records of achievements in politics. He does not require sorry. He would rather be envied. He should be asked how he managed to do it.

Yet, l am having the feeling that this withdrawal in question may give birth to something. What it will give birth to, l can’t predict. Those mocking him over the withdrawal have only shown that they do not know situations that can warrant or call for mockery. They do not also know the operational meaning of the word mockery. You don’t mock someone over success.  You mock someone, if necessary, over failure. Yet, l do not encourage mockery. lt’s ungodly. Ihedioha’s achievements in politics should call for celebration, emulation and even envy. Not otherwise.

lf the reasons he gave in the withdrawal letter are to be taken as they are, then, lmo PDP should be the chief Mourner. He represents something in the Party, love him or hate him. Whoever loves the party would have expected or wished a very attractive Guber Primary, involving lhedioha and Samuel Anyanwu. The withdrawal of lhedioha isn’t all that good for the party. What has always added value to lmo PDP all these years, has been its guber primaries. And if the party has gotten to a stage where someone would be returned unopposed in its governorship Primary, then, diminishing return has set in. And it is not in the best interest of the Party.

We keep our hands crossed to watch events as they rear their ugly or beautiful heads up, with regard to lhedioha’s unexpected action. Nonetheless, we shall continue to clap for Jesus.