As the D DAY is fast gripping in, the Labour Party Candidate, *Senator* *Athan Nneji* *ACHONU* is steadily and determinedly etching himself into the hearts of *IMO Electorates* despite sabotage by moles planted into the party by well-known sponsors. Thank goodness, the good Lord has uprooted them away with their canopies and tents. And all their efforts amounted to a fruitless exercise.

*Agu Otu Aka* and *Apostle of Aku Ruo Ulo* has refused to be _distracted_ and subdued. He is made of Steiner stuff. Stoic and highly focused personality. Keeping his eyes on the trophy. Since *H. E Peter Obi* flagged off his campaigns, he has been reaching out to the people with what he would do differently if elected into office to better the lives of the people. No throwing of jabs or innuendoes at opponents. ACHONU has been running issue-based campaigns, while others are busy shopping for endorsements.

Time is running out. *Imolites* are in sincere love with the Labour party and Senator ACHONU. This is stating the obvious. Others are living in self-delusions of acceptability. What happened in the state in 2011 and recently in Osun state will surely happen here come November, 11.   No sane person will like the continuity of insecurity bedevilling the state since 2020.

Inter society, a renowned firm of human Right Lawyers, has reported that over *1.600* people have been killed since the inception of this government by state and non-state actors. Over *300* youths missing and properties worth billions of naira destroyed. Greater parts of Orlu and Okigwe zones deserted because of security challenges.

The economic life of the state is worse hit as no direct foreign Investment during this period into the state. Roads in the state capital and in rural areas abandoned. They are not passable if it rains.
Would those civil servants tagged as ghost workers and pensioners give the present administration mandate renewal? Your guess is as good as mine.

*PALLIATIVE BAIL OUT. * Ndi IMO are still expecting when and modalities for sharing the humongous Five Billion Naira bail out from the central government.

Senator Achonu message of conducting a free and fair *local* *government election* *within 6 months of his administration* is sinking with the people. As the third tier government will create the necessary enablers for economic stimulus in the rural areas.

On the *4.000* *Jobs for IMO Youths in Europe. * Our people cannot be deceived by such raw and naked lies. Same government has said that Adapalm, IMO Modern Poultry, Avutu and Standard Shoes are revived and has created thousands of jobs? Another bubuyaya from the outgoing government.

Our people are smart and highly educated. November 11, will afford them the opportunity to secretly vote for the candidates of their choice, believing that the Electoral Body (INEC) will not be partisan and ensure the outcome is BVAs compliant.

If this is done, the February presidential tsunami triggered by the Labour outing will happen again. Peter Obi’s factor will resonate again as L.P 75 will rent the air after November 11. This will happen to the Glory of God.

From: Aku Ruo Ulo Campaign Council.